Food always makes everything better


Food always makes everything better

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Quick to bark.

I have a long line of bad decisions that I make just a bit longer almost daily. Stoked.


5 year old Robert Downey Jr. in his first role.

Robert has no regrets.

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I’m a rebel


I’m a rebel

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CONVEYER - What’s Inside (NEW SONG)

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You can’t make everyone happy. You will always let someone down, especially while trying to make yourself happy. Your friends will hate you for your success. No matter how hard you try. No matter how much love you give. You will always feel alone. You will always be a little empty at best.

You have to beat that alone.
You have to be your own hero.

Hope you’re ready.


'its too hot to wear all black'


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Album Art
Maybe You, No One Else Worth It by Brave Bird


You were the worst thing
That ever happened to me
You were my best friend
Accept apologies
I’m holding no grudge now
But you should know that I know where you are now
Grow up or die now

Tonight we’re getting so high
Because this place is eating us alive
I’ve never felt so goddamn worthless
Well maybe you, no one else worth it

Tonight we’re seeing the lights
To this place we’ll say our last goodbyes
Well look at you so goddamn perfect

I love this band.

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